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Welcome to Gentle Dental, your premier destination for compassionate and expert dental care in Commack, NY. Our state-of-the-art practice is dedicated to providing a full spectrum of dental services tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. With a focus on gentle techniques and cutting-edge technology, our skilled dentist and friendly staff work tirelessly to ensure a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. From routine cleanings and preventative care to advanced cosmetic procedures, Gentle Dental is committed to enhancing your smile and promoting your oral health. Discover why our patients trust us as their dental home by visiting us at Gentle Dental, where your smile is our top priority.

Our Mission

Gentle Dental is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate dental care that prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction. Our practice stands for a holistic approach to oral health, ensuring that each patient receives personalized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, fostering trust and long-term relationships with our patients through exceptional service and care.


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Smile Bright, Dental Delight!

At our practice, we provide exceptional dental care by combining state-of-the-art technology with personalized treatment plans, ensuring every patient achieves optimal oral health and a radiant smile. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering gentle, comprehensive services that exceed expectations, making us the trusted choice for families seeking the pinnacle of dental wellness.

Smiles Revolutionized: Dental Tech!

At our dental practice, we pride ourselves on integrating cutting-edge technology to ensure unparalleled precision and comfort in every treatment, from routine cleanings to advanced oral surgeries. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D imaging and laser dentistry, not only enhances diagnostic capabilities but also significantly improves the patient experience with faster, less invasive, and more effective procedures.

Relax, Smile, Dental Comfort!

Experience the pinnacle of comfort at our practice, where every detail is designed to put you at ease from the moment you walk in. Our serene ambiance, coupled with state-of-the-art amenities, ensures a tranquil and rejuvenating visit every time.


What Our Amazing Patients Say

Joanne Bisogno
Joanne Bisogno

Monica is the best!!

Andrew Kaye
Andrew Kaye

What an amazing experience I had under the care of Dr. Sharma. She is incredibly courteous, comprehensive, and knowledgeable and patient. All the staff (dental, assistant and office manager) are incredibly helpful and friendly. Best experience I’ve ever had in a dentist office

Albert Porpora
Albert Porpora

Always a great experience at Gentle Dental. I highly recommend it.

J Garcia
J Garcia

Short waiting time, office very clean. Staff highly professional. I would recommend this practice.

jose martinez
jose martinez

Dr. Dharma is a great dentist. I had a great experience with them and would recommend them to anyone.

Evamarie deforca
Evamarie deforca

Dr. Zopf and ALL of the ladies at the Commack office are the best. I have been to many dental groups and have never experienced the care and concern each and every one of them shows to all of their patients. I recommend everyone I know to this office. I actually look forward to my appointments to see all of their smiling faces.

Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch

Dr. Kopf and her staff were absolutely wonderful and the office was nice, bright and clean. 🙂

Jay Bee
Jay Bee

Dr Sharma and her assistant are great. Dr Sharma really cares about what she’s doing. Very thorough and kind.

Roc kel
Roc kel

Wow what an amazing office! I was referred by a client and I must say, I was totally impressed with the whole experience. The staff is super friendly and have an amazing relationship with one another. Dr.Z did a consult, staff reviewed my invoice, and they began the work right away (totally painless) ! Walked out feeling confident😊 Thank you gentle dental. Actually looking forward to having more work done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease, cavities, and bad breath, ensuring your mouth stays healthy.

How often should I get a dental cleaning?

Most dentists recommend a professional cleaning every six months, but this may vary depending on your individual oral health needs.

Will a dental cleaning whiten my teeth?

While a dental cleaning can remove surface stains and make your teeth appear brighter, it is not the same as a professional whitening treatment designed specifically for that purpose.

Is it normal to experience sensitivity after a dental cleaning?

Some sensitivity following a dental cleaning is normal, especially if there was significant tartar buildup or gum inflammation, but it should subside within a few days.

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

Yes, you can eat after your dental cleaning, but it’s wise to avoid extremely hot or cold foods if you’re experiencing any sensitivity.