Porcelain Crowns:

Porcelain Crowns are used for the restoration of teeth using materials that are fabricated by indirect methods which are cemented into place. A porcelain crown is used to cap or completely cover a tooth.

When decay is first detected in a tooth, the usual action taken by the dentist is to provide the tooth with an intracoronal restoration: a restoration consisting of a dental material that will exist totally within the confines of the remaining tooth structure. The restoration commonly referred to as a “cavity filling”, or more colloquially as a “filling”, is an intracoronal restoration, and can consist of a number of materials, including silver-colored amalgam, tooth-colored resin or gold.

The circumstance of the damaged tooth defines the restoration. In other words, based upon factors such as remaining solid tooth structure, aesthetics, the location of the tooth within the dental arch and the consequent forces of function that said tooth will have to deal with once restored, the dentist will then decide on the proper way to treat the tooth.