Dr. Savita Sharma
Dentist in Commack, NY

Dr. Savita B Sharma is a New York native. She grew up in Queens and currently lives in Nassau County, Long Island. She knew she wanted to be a dentist at a young age and has made her dream into a reality. She loved dentistry so much, she went to dental school twice! Once right after high school, she went to an international program. And afterwards, at her dream school Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. After completing dental school Dr Sharma attended General Practice Residency at Nassau University Medical Center.

Dr. Sharma’s dental philosophy includes education, prevention, and pain relief. She prides herself on her empathetic, gentle approach and puts patient comfort above everything. She is a general practitioner who is always taking continuing education classes to better herself. Dentistry is always changing and newer, better modalities come everyday.

Why did you become a dentist?

I knew I wanted to go into healthcare; science has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I initially intended to go in Medical School but realized that dentistry was her true calling. I decision that I am forever thankful for.

What do you like most about being a dentist?

I love making a positive change in someone’s life. Teeth can greatly affect a patient’s quality of life and I believe everyone is deserving of that. Another highlight of my career is taking away a patient’s pain. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a patient come in with pain, and leave without it. The relief in their eyes is fulfilling enough.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love traveling, reading and am an avid foodie.