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At Gentle Dental in Commack, New York, top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aimee Zopf, knows the importance of treating her patients using top-of-the-line dental equipment and the most innovative techniques available. One piece of equipment that is making the creation of dental prostheses and orthodontic devices quick and easy is the revolutionary iTero Scanner.

The iTero Scanner is Available at Gentle Dental in Commack, New York

With a state-of-the-art iTero Scanner, Dr. Zopf uses her skill, artistic vision and experience to provide her patients with the best mouth guards, dental crowns and orthodontic appliances available in and around Commack, New York.

How Does the iTero Scanner Work?

The iTero Scanner consists of a wand that Dr. Aimee Zopf uses to intraorally scan the patient’s mouth. During the scan, the wand captures images, which are used to create a 3D model of the patient’s teeth and tissue.

As Dr. Zopf performs the scan, she and the patient view the images from the scanner on a screen. The ability to view these images together allows Dr. Aimee Zopf to show the patient any dental issues requiring treatment.

Can the iTero Scanner Reach Every Section of the Mouth?

Yes, the iTero Scanner is able to access every part of the mouth, including the molars, which are usually very difficult to reach.

The iTero Scanner Difference

Before the introduction of this revolutionary scanning process, measuring a patient’s mouth was a tedious, time-consuming process.

The Traditional Measuring Process: Creating a Dental Impression

The traditional measuring process involves creating an impression of the patient’s teeth using a horseshoe-shaped tray full of a thick liquid material (e.g., polyvinylsiloxane or alginate).

Once the tray is filled with the polyvinylsiloxane or alginate, it is gently inserted into the patient’s mouth. The traditional impression process is the same for the upper and the lower arch.

The patient must keep this tray in his or her mouth, without moving, and trying not to swallow, for two to five minutes. During this time, the polyvinylsiloxane or alginate hardens, thus creating a detailed impression of the patient’s teeth.

Needless to say, creating a traditional dental impression is an uncomfortable process for any patient. However, individuals with a sensitive gag reflex are especially uncomfortable while creating a dental impression in this manner.

With the iTero Scanner, Gentle Dental’s Commack, New York, patients no longer have to deal with this uncomfortable and time-consuming teeth-measuring method.

The iTero Scanner Offers More Precise Measurements Than the Traditional Option

With the iTero Scanner, Dr. Aimee Zopf easily captures the full structure of her patients’ teeth. Using the precise measurements the iTero Scanner provides, Dr. Zopf creates her patients a variety of beautiful, highly detailed customized dental prosthetic devices (e.g., crowns, bridges). She also uses the scanning results to create personalized protective equipment (e.g., mouth guards) as well as provide patients with custom-designed orthodontic appliances (e.g., Invisalign, traditional braces).

Benefits of the iTero Digital Scanner include:

  • The scanning process is pain free.
  • The patient does not have to deal with gel in a tray inside his or her mouth to create a dental impression.
  • The iTero scanning process is quick.
  • The results are more accurate than traditional dental impression methods.
  • The patient remains comfortable throughout the iTero scanning process.

What Dr. Zopf Uses the iTero Scanner for in Commack, New York

For Pre-examinations

Cosmetic dentists use digital scanners like iTero to create an impression before starting a patient’s dental restoration process.

For Orthodontic Treatments

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening method that is popular with adults who want to straighten their teeth, but do not want traditional, highly visible metal braces. Dr. Zopf uses the iTero Scanner to scan her Invisalign patients’ teeth and make 3D images, which the laboratory uses to create the patient’s custom-made invisible aligners. Dr. Aimee Zopf also uses the scanner to take measurements for traditional braces.

Unlike the traditional dental impression process, the iTero Scanner offers highly accurate results, flexible adjustments and same-day temporization for orthodontic appliances.

To Diagnose Dental Issues

Besides using this innovative scanner for measuring purpose at her office in Commack, New York, Dr. Zopf also uses the iTero Scanner to diagnose dental issues.

To ensure her patients are receiving the best results possible, Dr. Zopf dedicates herself to remaining abreast of any new dental equipment and innovative techniques as they become available. To make an appointment with top cosmetic dentist Dr. Aimee Zopf, contact Gentle Dental at (631) 261-3033 today. The office is located at 777 Larkfield Road, Suite 107, in Commack, New York.